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Old 11-02-2017, 02:05 PM
Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) is offline
Customer Service
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Default IEM 6.1.8 Released

Version: 6.1.8
Released: 30th October, 2017

- Fixed STARTTLS newline bug
- Fixed bug with invalid emails halting trigger sending
- Updated MySqlDb to use mysqli
- - Changed all deprecated mysql_ methods to mysqli_ throughout app
- Removed outdated and unused database drivers (pgsql, mssql, oci8)
- - Removed deprecated/unused code/files where it made sense instead of refactoring to mysqli
- Attempted fix of XSS vulnerability with 'page' variables
- Removed deprecated PHP methods causing fatal errors
- Fixed bug causing fatal PHP error on upgrade step
- Updated design rules for email compatibility check
- Fixed JS bug time interval labels on trigger create screen not hiding properly
- Refactored query for removing duplicates in send queues due to invalid group by clause
- Added check for writable includes dir on install
- Added check for PHP XML extension on install
- Cleaned up init controller (admin/com/init.php)
- - Removed insecure/unused cookie logic
- Added xml api request controller (admin/com/xml.php) and moved xml.php methods there
- - Misc. security fixes
- - Fixed bug with date fields in xml api method addsubscribertolist
- Enabled cookie_httponly and use_strict_mode session settings for security purposes
- Added csrf token to user modify form for security purposes
- Removed session id from graph data URLs for security purposes
- Removed static database details from system settings page for security purposes
- Fixed bug in survey export tpl file preventing survey from exporting
- Fixed notices generated by survey api
- Fixed notice generated by user stats chart
- Fixed bug in dynamic content tags using date type fields
- Fixed notices generated by dynamic content tags
- Fixed bug with create website form
- Misc. PHPDoc cleanup

A admin/com/templates/header_login.tpl
A admin/com/xml.php

D admin/com/ext/database/mssql.php
D admin/com/ext/database/oci8.php
D admin/com/ext/database/pgsql.php
D admin/com/install/schema.pgsql.php
D admin/functions/remote_installer.php
D admin/functions/upgrade.php

M admin/addons/checkpermissions/checkpermissions.php
M admin/addons/dbcheck/dbcheck.php
M admin/addons/dynamiccontenttags/api/dynamiccontentblock.php
M admin/addons/dynamiccontenttags/api/dynamiccontenttag.php
M admin/addons/dynamiccontenttags/dynamiccontenttags.php
M admin/addons/interspire_addons.php
M admin/addons/splittest/api/splittest.php
M admin/addons/splittest/api/splittest_stats.php
M admin/addons/splittest/print_stats.php
M admin/addons/splittest/splittest.php
M admin/addons/splittest/splittest_send.php
M admin/addons/splittest/splittest_stats.php
M admin/addons/surveys/api/responses.php
M admin/addons/surveys/api/surveys.php
M admin/addons/surveys/language/language.php
M admin/addons/surveys/survey_templates.php
M admin/addons/surveys/surveys.php
M admin/addons/surveys/templates/results_survey.tpl
M admin/addons/systemlog/systemlog.php
M admin/addons/updatecheck/updatecheck.php
M admin/com/ext/database/db.php
M admin/com/ext/database/mysql.php
M admin/com/ext/interspire_email/email.php
M admin/com/init-legacy.php
M admin/com/init.php
M admin/com/language/default/login.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM.class.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM/DBFACTORY.class.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM/Installer.class.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM/InterspireTemplate.class.php
M admin/com/lib/IEM/Request.php
M admin/com/lib/Interspire/Csv/Exporter.php
M admin/com/lib/record/Users.class.php
M admin/com/resources/design_rules/aol.php
M admin/com/resources/design_rules/gmail.php
M admin/com/resources/design_rules/hotmail.php
M admin/com/resources/design_rules/yahoo.php
M admin/com/templates/forgotpassword_sendpass.tpl
M admin/com/templates/forgotpassword_step2.tpl
M admin/com/templates/login.tpl
M admin/com/templates/settings.tpl
M admin/com/templates/triggeremails_form.tpl
M admin/com/templates/user_form.tpl
M admin/cron/send.php
M admin/functions/api/api.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_checkbox.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_date.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_dropdown.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_number.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_radiobutton.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_text.php
M admin/functions/api/customfields_textarea.php
M admin/functions/api/jobs_autoresponders.php
M admin/functions/api/jobs_send.php
M admin/functions/api/jobs_triggeremails.php
M admin/functions/api/lists.php
M admin/functions/api/segment.php
M admin/functions/api/send.php
M admin/functions/api/settings.php
M admin/functions/api/ss_email.php
M admin/functions/api/stats.php
M admin/functions/api/subscribers.php
M admin/functions/api/templates.php
M admin/functions/api/triggeremails.php
M admin/functions/api/upgrade.php
M admin/functions/api/user.php
M admin/functions/autoresponders.php
M admin/functions/bounce.php
M admin/functions/customfields.php
M admin/functions/folders.php
M admin/functions/forms.php
M admin/functions/index.php
M admin/functions/installer.php
M admin/functions/lists.php
M admin/functions/login.php
M admin/functions/logout.php
M admin/functions/newsletters.php
M admin/functions/remote.php
M admin/functions/remote_stats.php
M admin/functions/schedule.php
M admin/functions/segment.php
M admin/functions/send.php
M admin/functions/sendstudio_functions.php
M admin/functions/settings.php
M admin/functions/showcustomfields.php
M admin/functions/stats.php
M admin/functions/stats_chart.php
M admin/functions/subscribers.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_add.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_banned.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_edit.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_event.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_export.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_import.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_manage.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_remove.php
M admin/functions/subscribers_view.php
M admin/functions/templates.php
M admin/functions/triggeremails.php
M admin/functions/upgradenx.php
M admin/functions/users.php
M admin/tokens.php
M form.php
M surveys_submit.php
M xml.php

Scott Smithwick
Interspire Manager
Toll-Free: 1 800 939 5570
US: 1 512 758 7618

"Web Software Inspired by You"
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Old 11-03-2017, 02:45 PM
stevewest15 + stevewest15 is offline
Interspire Customer
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Thank you for releasing this update! Just a quick question, what PHP version is supported w/ this update?


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Old 11-06-2017, 02:04 PM
Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) Scott Smithwick (Interspire Staff) is offline
Customer Service
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Austin
Posts: 169

Originally Posted by stevewest15 View Post

thank you for releasing this update! Just a quick question, what php version is supported w/ this update?


php 5.5/5.6

Scott Smithwick
Interspire Manager
Toll-Free: 1 800 939 5570
US: 1 512 758 7618

"Web Software Inspired by You"
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Old 01-15-2018, 09:05 AM
homecarestore homecarestore is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2017
Location: vietnam
Posts: 2

Hello there, i am jusst new here, and i jusst wanna know, is that the newest version,. please help/
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Old 01-15-2018, 01:02 PM
CrystalSkin CrystalSkin is offline
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Location: New Jersey
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Hey guys. Thanks for your work and these cool changes. I used to have some bugs in previous version, like few that caused fatal PHP error on upgrade step and in dynamic content tags using date type fields. So, now everything is great. Be healthy and beautuful, sleep well.
Best wishes for your health from SkinTagsRemoving
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Old Today, 04:36 PM
vickicasey vickicasey is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Mira Loma
Posts: 2

wow, that is so nice, that you shared it with us) thanks a lot
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