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Old 06-14-2007, 03:44 PM
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Default Visual improvements of link stats page in Admin

I found several elements of the link stats page in the Admin panel too small, so I have did some light mods to the layout. Especially if you have long url's, the default template is not optimal. Maybe others like my mods as well, so here they are. Please backup your original files first. Don't apply these mods if you a resolution of less than 1024x768, or you'll get a messed up layout.

admin > includes > styles > stylesheet.css
To enlarge the link dropdown menu you only have to add a small instruction to the stylesheet. There is a general instruction for the width of dropdown menus in the tag "select". You can add a specific one for the link dropdown menu as follows:
HTML Code:
This way you can see long url's in the menu as well.

admin > includes > templates > stats_step3_links.tpl
I found the widths of the 3 columns not optimal, so I replaced the default widths with:
HTML Code:
<td width="25%" nowrap align="left"> %%LNG_EmailAddress%% </td>
<td width="65%" nowrap align="left"> %%LNG_LinkClicked%% </td>
<td width="10%" nowrap align="left"> %%LNG_LinkClickTime%% </td>
To use the added space in the middle column, use the instruction below.

admin > function > stats.php
Search this file for "truncate". There are several instances of this instruction that visually cut names and url's at a certain number of characters. Directly after the "truncate" you can see a number. Change that to a value you like. For example I use
TruncateName($url, 150)
TruncateName($most_popular_link, 100)
Kind regards,
Jurgen Nijhuis
Argos Media

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