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Old 09-07-2007, 01:55 AM
rhyspaterson rhyspaterson is offline
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Default Supporting multiple user logins

Hey guys,

Apparently the new major release of ActiveKB will support multiple user logins to the front-end, but for the time being i am attempting to create a quick hack. Basically when the FrontendAccess() function is called in general.php, instead of checking the $_POST['frontendUser'] and $_POST['frontendPass'] variables against those stored in the $GLOBALS config, i am checking them against a simple .csv file.

The only problem i have come across however, is actually opening the .csv file in the function, because whenever i do the code seems to hang and bring up a blank page.

PHP Code:
    * FrontendAccess
    * Determines if the user has access to the frontend of the site and
    * returns accordingly
    * @return boolean Does the user have access to the frontend ?
function FrontendAccess()
// If either the user or pass on the settings page is blank then let
        // them in
if (empty($GLOBALS['frontendUser'])
            || empty(
$GLOBALS['frontendPass'])) {

// If the user has already authenticated, cool let them in
if (isset($_SESSION['frontendUser']) && isset($_SESSION['frontendPass']) && $_SESSION['frontendUser'] == $GLOBALS['frontendUser'] && $_SESSION['frontendPass'] == $GLOBALS['frontendPass']) {
// If the user is trying to authenticate and suceeds, let them in
if (isset($_POST['frontendUser']) && isset($_POST['frontendPass'])) {
// create shorter variables
$username $_POST['frontendUser'];
$password $_POST['frontendPass'];
$row 1;
$handle fopen("userList.csv""r");
// open the file and read it into an array
while (($data fgetcsv($handle1000",")) !== FALSE) {
$num count($data);
// check the username and password agains the $_POST variables
if (($data[0] == $username)&&($data[1] == $password)){
// it's a match
$_SESSION['frontendUser'] = $GLOBALS['frontendUser'];
$_SESSION['frontendPass'] = $GLOBALS['frontendPass'];
                    if (isset(
                        && isset(
$_POST['frontendRemember']) == 1) {
// Allow the user to be remembered for 2 weeks (i.e. 14 days)
$cookielength time()+60*60*24*14;
setcookie($GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_u'$GLOBALS['frontendUser'], $cookielength);
setcookie($GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_p'$GLOBALS['frontendPass'], $cookielength);

// If they clicked the remember me option in the past
if (isset($_COOKIE[$GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_u']) && isset($_COOKIE[$GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_p']) && $_COOKIE[$GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_u'] == $GLOBALS['frontendUser'] && $_COOKIE[$GLOBALS['cookiePrefix'].'akb_f_p'] == $GLOBALS['frontendPass']) {
$_SESSION['frontendUser'] = $GLOBALS['frontendUser']; $_SESSION['frontendPass'] = $GLOBALS['frontendPass'];

// The site is password protected and they havn't authorised so fail
return false;
As you can see i am just bypassing the $GLOBALS variables and opening my .csv file. The new code, as far as i can determine, is fine in terms of syntax and so on. I'm thinking when the KB tries to open said file that something goes wrong. The .csv file has correct permissions. Should i not be trying to open a file here? The general.php file sits in /kb/lib/ as does my .csv file. Thanks!

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Old 09-17-2007, 01:34 AM
Jarrad Jarrad is offline
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Hi Rhys,

Well done! This is an awesome little hack.

I just did a quick test and it seemed to work fine. Put your csv file in the root directory and it should work.

Of course the problem with that is people from the outside world will have access to it. It would be best to put this outside of the webroot and then specify a relative or full path for it in your code.

Excellent stuff.
Old 02-19-2010, 09:22 PM
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Default Multiple logins at same time?

Jarrad & rhyspaterson,

Got a quick question. I'm trying to something similar, I think. We have a simple kb that we're trying to create, and need to allow access for a large group(s), ideally using a single login.

For example, the entire sales staff would use a sales login to VIEW the articles restricted as sales.

Tech support tells me this isn't possible out of the box. One user, one login, at one time. And creating 250 users isn't feasible, just to gain access to additional articles.

Any help or insight, or workarounds would be helpful.



current plan is to simple create a duplicate instance of the KB, and run that in a password protected directory. Open to ideas for that as well.
Old 02-02-2011, 03:34 PM
cberry + cberry is offline
Interspire Customer
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This is very simple to bypass. All this function does is check to see if anyone else is logged in under the same username and deletes their logged in credentials so it logs out the previous logged in person.

Use at your own risk.

To allow multiple logins under the same user:

Edit "lib/general.php"

Search for "pageload" and add in "return true;" where I show it in the excerpt below. That is all.

function pageLoad() {
$auth = new AKB_AUTH();
$login = $auth->IsLoggedIn();
if ($login) {

### Added here to bypass the multiple login not allowed
return true;

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