Licensing Terms

Purchasing a license for an Interspire product allows you to install a single copy of the product on one single web server. An unlimited number of users can view the public area of the product you are installing (such as the store and shopping cart component of Interspire Shopping Cart or the website for Interspire Website Publisher), however only the number of user accounts you purchase can login to the control panel and make changes.

Additional licensing terms:

  • All licenses include the ability to completely private label the software
  • Full source code provided, which can be customized as required (Interspire licensing code cannot be modified)
  • All purchases include support and upgrades for 12 months, as described below
  • Your license is non-transferrable and cannot be sold or exchanged
  • Your license is a perpetual (lifetime) software license

Maintenance Policy

Software maintenance provides you with access to our technical support team and new product upgrades. As at September 14th 2009 we've simplified our maintenance policy. Details are listed below.

  • All new purchases include 12 months of maintenance free of charge, which includes unlimited technical support and product upgrades as they're released
  • A product upgrade is defined as any new software release (major or minor) for a license you have purchased
  • If your maintenance period expires you have the option to renew it for an additional 12 months at 50% of the current purchase price for the license you own
  • Extending your maintenance period gives you an extra 12 months of unlimited technical support, option to re-license your domain and access to upgrades as they're released
  • If your maintenance period expires, you will need to renew it before we can provide you with technical support, new license keys, or access to the latest versions of our products
  • Renewing your maintenance period is completely optional - the software will continue to function as normal at the original domain, however you wont have access to technical support or upgrades
  • Maintenance renewals commence from the date your previous maintenance period expired

Support Policy

Our support policy outlines how technical support works, including issue types, extent of support, supported products and versions, etc.

If you still have questions, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.