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  1. Can I subscribe a user to many contact lists at once?
  2. How do I remove or change the web forms footer?
  3. How does Interspire Email Marketer's unsubscribe function work?
  4. How can I use multiple forms with CAPTCHA codes on the same page?
  5. Submitting a form results in a 406 Not Acceptable error
  6. Special characters entered into the form come up blank in the application
  7. I have made my subscription form only subscribe Text users but they are sent an HTML email. Why is this happening?
  8. Interspire Email Marketer Subscribe Forms and ASP.Net
  9. How do I create a 'Send to Friends' link in my email campaigns?
  10. Can I modify the look and feel of the subscription, unsubscribe and other forms in Interspire Email Marketer?
  11. How can I change the order of my custom fields in Interspire Email Marketer website forms?
  12. Why do my confim links display my own URL when the subscription from is hosted with my clients domain name?
  13. I've set up a form on my website and the CAPTCHA always breaks in Safari.
  14. My subscription form isn't working. What can I do to fix it?
  15. Error message returned by Interspire Email Marketer "Web-form"
  16. If we want contacts to have to 'verify' their email address before they are set to 'active' what do we need to do?
  17. Why can't I put a modify details form on my website?
  18. Does Interspire Email Marketer have a subscription management page where the contacts can manage their subscriptions to different lists?
  19. When a previously registered user uses my subscription form they are presented with an error message. Is it possible to add the same email address twice or to update the previous details?
  20. How can I create a contact form using Interspire Email Marketer and give users the option to subscribe to my newsletter?
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