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  1. How do I add the systems unique Article ID on all article pages?
  2. How can I hide the email addresses from people who post comments?
  3. How do I copy and paste in the wysiwyg in FireFox ?
  4. I receive a PHP warning: "Notice: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start()". How do I fix this?
  5. How can I modify the WYSIWYG toolbar items in Interspire Knowledge Manager?
  6. What version of ISAPI_Rewrite do I need?
  7. Can I get 2 license keys? I need one for my development server and one for our production server.
  8. Can I have access to the layered Photoshop file for the menu navigation?
  9. I've just installed the latest PHP on my Windows server and then installed Interspire Knowledge Manager but I can't login to the control panel.
  10. What is the right way to upgrade Interspire Knowledge Manager ?
  11. How can I make the 'Detect Related Questions' checkbox, in Create Question, default to ON ?
  12. How can I change the symbol between the words from + to a - ?
  13. Can Interspire Knowledge Manager support and display Chinese and Japanese content?
  14. How do I display the last updated time of a question when a user views it in the public area ?
  15. My Character Set is UTF-8 but some characters are not displaying correctly, what is wrong ?
  16. I can't make a question visible
  17. Do you have other language files for Interspire Knowledge Manager ?
  18. Is it possible to attach files to knowledge base articles?
  19. I can't get the numbered list to work. When I press enter it doesn't insert the next number in the list.
  20. How do I remove the question title from the url when viewing a question to make it shorter ?
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