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  1. How do I create my own color variation of a template?
  2. Im having problems with my CSS / Styles in my template in Interspire Website Publisher. How do I fix these?
  3. How do I remove the by-line from a list of articles in Interspire Website Publisher NX 1.7? (including publish date, rating and category in recent, featured and other article lists)
  4. How do I remove the by-line from the recent articles? (including publish date, rating and category)
  5. How do I display sub-categories in the menu for Interspire Website Publisher?
  6. How do I change colors of text, backgrounds etc in my template?
  7. How do I use my own Ads or Banners within Interspire Website Publisher?
  8. How can I resize Author Pictures?
  9. How can I add a new field(s) to the author sign up/register page?
  10. How do I insert Google Adsense Ads into Interspire Website Publisher?
  11. How can I wrap a page or PHP file into the Interspire Website Publisher layout?
  12. How do I completely Private Label Interspire Website Publisher?
  13. My site looks fine in IE but not in FireFox, how do I fix it?
  14. How can I have author pictures displayed in Featured Articles and not Recent Article or in the categories?
  15. How do I point the "Home" navigation menu to a different URL?
  16. How do I move the top navigational menu to the left column?
  17. How do I change the URL that the logo / main text is pointing to?
  18. How can I get categories to use different template files?
  19. How can I modify my Interspire Website Publisher home page?
  20. Can I have access to the layered Photoshop file for the menu navigation?
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