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  1. How do I remove the blogs from Interspire Website Publisher?
  2. How do I use my own Ads or Banners within Interspire Website Publisher?
  3. When uploading an author image, Interspire Website Publisher changes the size and quality of the image. Where can i change the quality of generated image ?
  4. How can I add a new field(s) to the author sign up/register page?
  5. How can I make the related articles links NOT open in a new window?
  6. How can I stop every link opening in a new window?
  7. Can I modify the size of the "Email a Friend" window?
  8. Can I add attachments to my articles?
  9. Can I add an attachment to a Page?
  10. How can I change the subject of the contact form email that's sent to the admin user?
  11. The image verification (Captcha) on my comments and contact form always stays the same and doesn't seem to work. How do I fix it?
  12. Some quotes and other characters aren't displaying properly in my RSS feeds, how do I change this?
  13. How can I have author pictures displayed in Featured Articles and not Recent Article or in the categories?
  14. How do I point the "Home" navigation menu to a different URL?
  15. How can I allow users to submit a URL in comments rather than an email address?
  16. How can I remove authors emails from the RSS feed?
  17. How can I modify my Interspire Website Publisher home page?
  18. How can I include an RSS feed into Interspire Website Publisher ?
  19. How to add expand the search function to categories
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