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  1. Missing .htaccess file
  2. Instructions on how to update Interspire Website Publisher
  3. How to assign a category to all uncategorized articles
  4. In the control panel, instead of a WYSIWYG Editor I see the following error message: The sessions in your application are not properly set. Please contact your server administrator
  5. My template shows but no menus or articles, news or blogs are visible, and I cannot log into my control panel
  6. The name, email and website fields on the comment form contain garbage after a comment is submitted.
  7. I am seeing the PHP error "Warning: parse_ini_file() has been disabled for security reasons" (or other functions)
  8. How do I delete images I have uploaded to Website Publisher?
  9. I am logged into the control panel with Design Mode enabled, but Design Mode is not visible on my website.
  10. After upgrading to a new version of Website Publisher, some panels on my site have disappeared or no longer function.
  11. In Website Publisher, where do Contact Us form submissions go?
  12. Some articles, blogs or news on my site appear in the control panel, but not on the front end
  13. I am able to see comments in the control panel for all articles, but only have access to manage comments on my own articles.
  14. I keep getting emails requesting a password change but I didn't request it. How can I stop them?
  15. My Website Publisher Contact Us Page / Form has disappeared, or I need to restore my Contact Us page HTML.
  16. Drop downs and other dynamic elements of my site no longer function, both on the front end and in the control panel.
  17. Instructions for turning register_globals off with 1and1 hosting
  18. How to disable/turn off register_globals for PHP
  19. How can I change the database details?
  20. Why don't author pictures display?
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