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How do I increase the size of my thumbnail images on the product page?

The thumbnails for the product page are set by code in the file located at:

If you want to increase the size to the original image size, you need to download that file from your site using FTP and open it with a text or HTML editor and then do the following:

1) Find this line:
$thumb = $GLOBALS['ISC_CLASS_PRODUCT']->GetThumb();

2) Directly below it place:
$thumb = str_replace('_thumb','',$thumb);

Now, if you save and upload that file to your website in the /includes/display folder, your product pages will show the picture in its full size.

If you would like to edit the image to a specific size, say 200px wide by 300px wide, you would find this line:
<img src="%s" alt="" /></a>

and add the height/weight tags inside the image tag like so:
<img src="%s" width="200px" height="300px" alt="" /></a>

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