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Customizing the Cart - Adding a Landing Page

If you would like your users to land on a separate page from your store's catalog of products, you can do so by taking advantage of the way that your site serves pages.

Without getting too technical, if you navigate a browser to a directory with two files named index, but one named index.php and one named index.html, the html file will *always* (unless the setting has been changed on purpose) be called first.

Since the default page for the shopping cart software is index.php, our landing page will need to be a file called index.html.

Side note: You will need to change or remove your "home" link in the shopping cart if you want the home link to return you to index.php instead of index.html. This can be done by editing the file located at:

You'll need to find this line:
<a href="%%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%%/">%%LNG_MainPage%%</a>

and replace it with:
<a href="">%%LNG_MainPage%%</a>

You will, of course, have to replace with the actual location of your store's index.php file.

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