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Saving product variations returns a 406 error "The resource cannot be displayed" page

This is mainly caused by the Suhosin module that is sometimes bundled into PHP. The Suhosin module has its own memory limit that, when reached, will return a 406 error and display either "The resource cannot be displayed" on the page in IE or a blank page in FireFox.

To overcome this, you will firstly need to see if you do have the Suhosin module installed. You can do this either by asking your hosting provider if the Suhosin module was compiled with PHP or you can run the phpinfo() PHP function and just search for 'Suhosin'.

Next you will also need to ask your hosting provider if you have permission to add in your .htaccess file any php_value settings. This is very important as you will be able to edit the .htaccess file (it is your file after all) but it is up to the hosting provider to read and execute it. If you do not have permission but enter in the php_value settings anyway then it will cause an erro 500 "Internal Server Error" to display on your site.

If you do have permission then all that is needed is to enter in the code below anywhere in your .htaccess file (try to make this change at the bottom of the file as this will make future adjustments easier):

php_value suhosin.filter.action 64M

There is a space between 'php_value' and 'suhosin.filter.action' and also between 'suhosin.filter.action' and '64M'. The 64M specifies the memory limit for this module, so you can change it to 96M or 128M if you want.

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