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Some articles, blogs or news on my site appear in the control panel, but not on the front end

It's possible that the articles are not configured to be currently displayed on the front end. Please check the following on each of the articles (news, blogs) in question. For articles, these options can be found under the "advanced options" when editing an article. For blogs and news, they are on the same, single page when editing the item.
  • The content is marked as "Visible"
  • The content's Status is set to "Approved"
  • The content's Start Date and Start Time is set to a date in the past
  • "Enable Expiry" is disabled, or the Expiry Date is set to a date in the future
If your articles are received from a third party, such as iSnare, your articles may not be shown immediately and may have to be approved by hand, depending on your configuration.

Further, if the home page of your Website Publisher control panel displays a warning about PHP and MySQL time-zone differences, you may be experiencing timing issues with the Start and Expiry dates. Please contact your web host to correct any time-zone issues.

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