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After upgrading to a new version of Website Publisher, some panels on my site have disappeared or no longer function.

Upgrading from a much older version to the latest version of Website Publisher may result in some features, panels or snippets disappearing or malfunctioning. The most likely cause of this is that your templates also require upgrading separately.

For users of unmodified templates, this is a straight-forward process. If you are using a modified template, please make sure you keep a backup of your existing template first so that you may re-apply in any template changes after you have completed the upgrade process.

To check for a new version of your template, log into your control panel and go to the 'Site Design' section using the links at the top right of the page. Once there, go to 'Template Settings' and click 'Check for New Version...'.

If a new version is available, you should then follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the new version of your template. Once you have downloaded a new version, please check your website again. If some of your issues are fixed but some layout-related issues remain, such as unstyled dropdown menus, please refer to this knowledge base article for your next step.

If problems still persist, simply open a support ticket via the Interspire Client Area and we will investigate the issue.

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