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How do I upgrade my store to the latest version?

These rules apply for Versions 3 and up of the shopping cart software:

1) Download the latest version of the software from your client area. Unzip the folder.

2) Backup your existing store files to your computer using an FTP client.

VERY IMPORTANT -> Make absolutely sure to backup the files at config/config.php and config/config.backup.php. Theoretically, you only need to backup these two files and the /templates/default folder unless you've made customizations to the software, but it's best to back up everything just in case.

3) Backup your database using the database administration software on your server - probably phpMyAdmin.

4) Upload the new files that you just unzipped over your existing files. Overwrite, if necessary.

5) Upload the backed up file from your previous installation (now backed up locally) that I mentioned (config/config.php)to overwrite the default (empty) one you uploaded with the rest of the new files.

6) Go to [cartlocation]/admin and the upgrade wizard will show.

7) Click the "Start Upgrade" button to upgrade your store

8) If you customized the "default" template for your store or if you had customized the PHP files in your installation of the software, now will be the time to re-apply those customizations.

9) If you are upgrading from version 5.5.4 or older, please follow our template upgrade guide.

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