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Interspire WebEdit Release Notes and Changelog

WebEdit NX 1.3.11 (29th July 2008)

- Sets the WYSIWYG location differently.
- Added the Document Root and WebEdit URL settings to the install
  process. The WebEdit URL is fetched through JavaScript.
- Config and Settings are now saved using the same template.
- Contact form module will try sending the email again if the
  first attempt returns false. The second attempt will not make
  use of the custom header 'From:'. The third attempt will use no
  custom headers at all.
- settings.php can override the sendmail_from PHP ini directive by
  defining the WE_EMAIL_INI_SET constant.
- fsockopen error messages are suppressed.
- Sessions start differently for the front-end: after calling the
  settings.php file.
- The DevEdit function SetDevEditPath now attempts other
  combinations to start the WYSIWYG editor. settings.php can
  override path by defining the WE_SET_DEVEDIT_PATH constant.

WebEdit NX 1.3.10 (18th June 2008)

- WYSIWYG path is now relative to the document root.
- WebEdit will give another try on writing files before attempting
  to change the file permissions.

WebEdit NX 1.3.9 (4th June 2008)

- Modules are picked up differently so other files can be in the
  modules folder as well
- Servers with messed up HTTP_HOST are better handled.

WebEdit NX 1.3.8 (20th May 2008)

- Session destroy errors are omitted when the session cannot be
  created fully in the first step of the session.php
- Poll module does not check for a page referrer anymore
- WebEdit URL will adapt to the website host when user is logging
  in so to prevent domain issues.
- Better handling for servers that autostart the sessions.
- Files in includes/classes/ are now included with
  the full path.
- For recovering backups, if the PHP function rename fails, it will
  attempt to copy and unlink the old file, mimicking the rename
- Better handling for servers where the document root is / .
- Different method for listing files in a directory to make WebEdit
  work its way on certain servers.
- WebEdit can now handle more than one HTTP reply when opening
  files through a socket
- Latest WYSIWYG Editor.

WebEdit NX 1.3.7 (27th March 2008)

- ob_get_level can return either 0 or 1 for the lowest level - script
  can now pick this up correctly
- Error message for saving files when the permissions are not
  set properly
- Different handling of the DOCUMENT_ROOT, specially for servers which
  do not have this value set at all.
- Install will attempt to use HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL rather than
- When showing the backup of a page a base href will be added to the
  head of the document.
- The Save function now fools the browser into downloading the page
  again rather than using the cache. The main editor page is not
  cached, but the editor JavaScript and CSS are still cached for
  improved performance.
- WYSIWYG button "File" removed from the system.
- Latest WYSIWYG Editor.

WebEdit NX 1.3.6 (10th March 2008)

- New redirection when retrieving a backup
- If any changes are made by a user, the admin can get a notification
  by email, even if there is no need for approving changes
- Install tests pick up some file handlers wrongly reported by PHP
  as null

WebEdit NX 1.3.5 (4th March 2008)

- Admin can now select the toolbar options for the users
- Small language adjustments
- new DevEdit 1.9.3
- upgrade instructions from a previous NX version
- WebEdit URL check

WebEdit NX 1.3.4 (25th February 2008)

- New error message for on saving the backup file
- Allow saving files with no extension at all
- The HTTP protocol version for fetching the files using socket can
  now be set in the admin/includes/settings.php file
- Errors on the curl_setopt parameters will not kill the script
  anymore - file will be fetched some other way
- Warn if the file was retrieved through the file system rather than
  through HTTP

WebEdit NX 1.3.3 (1st February 2008)

- Posting of text files
- Poll module voting change: data is now fetched from the database
- Contact Form module change: data is now fetched from the database
- Added server stats
- Removal of de_wraps left out by DevEdit

WebEdit NX 1.3.2 (29th January 2008)

- Revert Backup changes
- Admin/Help rebranding guide change
- new DevEdit NX

WebEdit NX 1.3.1 (23rd January 2008)

- <?xml tags on HTML documents are cleared when saving the file.
- New regex for validating emails in the Install functions.
- DevEdit Toolbar changes.
- Starting directory will be always /, never empty.

WebEdit NX 1.3 (16th January 2008)

- Spell checker in IE will not leave the mispelled words
  highlighted anymore.
- MySQL class to centralize database handling and in the future
  allow the use of other SQL servers like SQLite, MSSQL or other.
- Administrator can override the server document root in the
  Settings page.
- Database upgrades from NX versions are made automatically
  and the framework will allow updating the database in a breeze
  for the next releases.
- Some hosts won't allow PHP to store the sessions in the server
  temporary directory, so the sessions now are stored within
  WebEdit itself.
- A Home Page Default can now be set, allowing the Administrator
  to set the home page of their website to show up in the Windows
  Explorer style on a per-user basis.
- For the Classic Style, the row colors alternate to make it
  easier to view the files.
- Labels added to every radio or checkbox.
- Administrator can now receive an email whenever changes that
  require his approval are made on the website.
- The Administrator can define the character set WebEdit will run
  overriding the server default.
- The title of the browser window shows the name of the file you
  are editing.
- If a file has server side scripts but no editable regions have
  been set, the user will not be allowed to edit the file in the
  WYSIWYG until he adds the editable regions.
- Settings are shown in tabs so it is easier to find what
  you are looking for.
- Instead of selecting a folder to edit the files, now the
  Administrator selects an URL: it's easier and more intuitive.
- PHP and other server side scripts are Editable by default.
- Editing text files is easier now with Codepress: the content
  is highlighted according to the file type.
- Improved confirmation messages when deleting files and folders.
- Save, Save and Exit, Send, Send and Exit and Cancel now are
  found on the WYSIWYG toolbar.
- Maximum upload image size is now set for the editor.
- Allow Administrator to select how to fetch the files, so the
  Administrator can decide if users will be editing the files
  as the server delivers them or as the files were written.
- New and easy to customize file and folder icons for the
  Classic Style.
- Pending changes are easier to be previewed and they are shown
  as they'll look like after published.
- Alert user he's using the text area. Some file types cannot be
  edited in the WYSIWYG until they have undergone a few changes.
  The user is taken to the text area and is alerted of the
  necessary changes.
- Smarter installation: once the server has been assessed and
  approved it is not assessed anymore.
- The browser won't attempt to execute the JavaScript from the
  onload event on a page being edited.
- Fixed Windows style bug when creating a new file on the
  document root
- Small change in the docs/install.txt to include the delete
  permission on the MySQL user
- Administrator can set the document root in the Settings page
- Set time limit will not generate errors

WebEdit NX 1.0.5 (3rd October 2007)

- Changed the size of the HTML that can be handled by the
  approval of changes
- default value for the $file variable in the install tests
- force all paths for included files to be absolute paths
- prevent init.php files from being included more than once twice
- removed li tags from install text messages
- added default values for all the database fields

WebEdit NX 1.0.4 (Released 20th September 2007)

- Better handling for editing PHP files

WebEdit NX 1.0.3 (Released 5th September 2007)

- Better handling for instantiating modules
- Better help tips on PHP permission issues in the install process
- Hidden files/folders handling changed

WebEdit NX 1.0.2 (Released 29th August 2007)

- GetModules function accepts unknown directories on /modules
- Small bug fixes

WebEdit NX 1.0.1 (Released 27th August 2007)

- New Editor DevEdit NX 1.9.1
- Attempts to chmod before handling the file, permissions changed back
  after files have been changed
- Modules permissions bug is fixed
- Path handling is centralized and working fine under
  Windows and *nix servers
- Values are not passed by reference anymore
- Example .htaccess file shipped with the product
- Small changes in the docs/install.txt trouble shoot
- Small changes in the docs/upgrade.txt backup instructions

WebEdit NX 1.0 (Released 6th July 2007)

- New documentation
- Recursive file and folder deletion
- Multiple file uploads
- Two view modes of operation (Windows Explorer & WebEdit classic)
- Built-in web site browser (only in Windows Explorer mode)
- Advanced workflow system to control content changes
- GUI for adding users similar to SiteCenter, etc

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