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When I click the "View Your Entire Cart" link I see an error, a 404 or the wrong page

Please note: This is a bug which will be addressed in the 4.0.3 release

If, when you click the "View Your Entire Cart" link after adding a product to your cart (on the "You May Also Like..." page), you see:
  • An error message
  • a 404 "file not found" page
  • The wrong page
Follow the steps below to fix the problem:
  • FTP into your web server where Interspire Shopping Cart is running
  • Change into the templates/[Your Template]/Panels folder
  • Download the SideCartMiniCart.html file to your desktop for editing
  • At the bottom of the file change %%GLOBALS_ShopPath%% to %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%% - this is around line 28
  • Save the changes and reupload the file, overwriting the existing file if asked
This bug will now be fixed when you refresh the page.

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