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Placing Google Adsense Ad Units on your Website Publisher 5.0 Website

A module for automatically placing Google Adsense advertisements around and inside the content of your website is a planned feature of Website Publisher 5. However, until this module is completed and released, it is still possible to manually place Adsense advertisements on your site using the "HTML Content Block" feature of the Website Layout section in your control panel.

In this example, I will explain how to add an Ad Unit to your Home Page, but the same method can be used for adding it to other areas of your wbsite.

To begin with, you will need to obtain the HTML Code for your Adsense Ad Unit. For existing Ad Units, this can be done by logging into your Adsense account and then going to the Adsense Setup -> Manage Ads section. Next to each listed Ad Unit you should see a "Code" link. Click on the Code link for the Ad Unit you wish to place on your Website Publisher site, and then copy the HTML code which is displayed on the page (the code is labelled with "Your AdSense unit code:").

Next, open your Website Publisher control panel and navigate to the Site Design > Website Layout section. In the dropdown box for "Select a Layout to Edit:", make sure the "Home Page" layout is selected - if it is not, select it now.

We are going to place your Ad Unit in to the "middle" column if your site. If you are using a 1-column layout, this will be the only column you can see on your layout editor. If you are using a 2-column layout, it is the rightmost of the two visible columns. If your "middle" column is shaded and is listed as "Locked to Master Layout", click the lock icon to unlock it.

Next, under the "Content & Images" tab on the left, click and drag the "HTML Content Block" and drop it so it sits at the top of the content listed in your middle column - a blue shading should indicate where the Ad Unit will be displayed.

After dropping the block in the desired spot a dialog should appear allowing you to name your block and enter some HTML content. Give the block a descriptive name, as it will be saved for later use (such as "Adsense 728x90 Unit") and then paste the HTML code you obtained from Google Adsense into the box labelled "Your Content". Once you have done this, click the "Save & Add" button on the dialog - the dialog should close and the message "Your block has been added. Click 'Save Layout' to save its position." should be displayed at the top of the Layout editor page.

Finally, click the "Save Changes" button. You may then click the "View Your Website" link at the top of the page to view your home page.

Adding the same Ad Unit to other areas of your site is as easy as dragging this new block from the "Saved Content & Images" list on the Website Layout. If you wish to create an Ad Unit with different dimensions, you will need to repeat the above steps as the resulting HTML code from Adsense will be different.

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