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How to flip the Generic template's 2-column layout so it has a right-hand column

Here is a quick tweak if you wish to change the Generic template from a left-column, right-content display (when set to 2-columns) to a left-content, right-column display. It requires you to modify your template files and please note that you will need to re-apply this edit to future template updates.

This fix may also be applicable to other templates provided by Interspire, but instructions are tailored specifically for the Generic template.

Firstly, open up /templates/Generic/config.php and add this to the bottom of the file:

$config->CreateSet('2columnsright', '2 Columns (Right)', array('top', 'middle', 'right', 'bottom'));

Secondly, open /templates/Generic/styleguide.html and find:

<div class="Left tplsection-left-prepend">

and also find:

<div class="Right tplsection-right-prepend tplcond-hideif-1column-2columns">

Move the "tplcond-hideif-1column-2columns" class from the second code snippet to the first so they respectively look like:

<div class="Left tplsection-left-prepend tplcond-hideif-1column-2columns">


<div class="Right tplsection-right-prepend">

You will then need to go to your control panel and re-select your template from the 'Web Design' section of your control panel, then go to your 'Site Layout' tab and select the new layout style called "2 Columns (Right)".

More information about the template system and how it works can be found:

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