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How to assign a category to all uncategorized articles

Please note, this is an advanced KB article and requires MySQL knowledge. Do not attempt this if you are not comfortable with accessing your database directly.

If you are in a situation where you have a lot of articles that are not currently assigned to any category (such as an influx of articles from iSnare or Article Marketer) there is currently no interface for assigning these articles to a category.

You may however try the following SQL query. Please note that this is unsupported. Make sure you take a full backup of your database before attempting this.

You will need to modify two things in the query below.

1. The table names on your installation may differ from "iwp_..." - adjust the prefix as needed

2. The category id '306' noted below - you will need to adjust this to your desired category id.


INSERT INTO iwp_categoryassociations (ArticleID, CategoryID) SELECT ArticleId, '306' FROM iwp_articles a WHERE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM iwp_categoryassociations ca WHERE ca.ArticleID = a.ArticleID) = 0


This query will add a category relationship to any article with no category. This query is provided as-is with no warranty. If you have further filtering needs you will be required to modify the query to suit.

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