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How to edit the Home page

This is a guide on how to use the site layout to edit the home page. Please read through this guide to understand how it works, but if you'd like to use a particular page/content item as your home page instead, please follow this guide:  How can I set a content item to be my home page?

To add or edit content on your home page, click the 'Design' button at the top of your control panel and then go to the 'Site Layout' page.

Once there, change the "Select a Layout to Edit" drop down to 'Home Page'.

Then below in the "Layout Options for Home Page" section, ensure the middle column for the layout is "unlocked". Then, from the left menu drag the 'Custom Content Block' over to the middle column.

A new popup box will appear for you to enter your content. Give the block a name (used for your personal reference when it is listed in the 'Saved Content & Images' section), a title (displayed on the website) and your content.

Once you're finished, click 'Save & Add' and the box will be disappeared and the block will be positioned in the middle column. Click the 'Save Changes' box to save the position and then the content will appear on your home page.

To edit the block you just added, click the pencil icon.

If you wish to remove it and re-add it, or add it multiple times to your layout, you will find your block saved under the 'Saved Content & Images' section on the left, which you can drag onto the layout.

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