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How can I add a second block to the template header?

In your template you will (most likely) see a class called "tplsection-top-after-block1" being used. This defines where the first item placed in the header section of the 'Site Layout' page is placed. You can change this to use: "tplsection-top-after-block1-block2" to position 2 blocks in the header (in this case "lists" are considered to be a type of "block" as well).

For example it might appear like:

<div id="Header" class="tplsection-top-after-block1 headerBgImage">

You can change it to:

<div id="Header" class="tplsection-top-after-block1-block2 headerBgImage">

Both blocks will be positioned after the div. If you want them inside, simply use:

<div id="Header" class="tplsection-top-inside-block1-block2 headerBgImage">

More information about how the template system and the classes you can use can be found here:

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