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Is there anyway to stop the 'Full Story', 'Visit Site' and 'Print' icons from showing up?

This applies to ArticleLive NX and below

You will need to open up the RecentArticlesPanel.php and FeaturedArticlesPanel.php from /templates/{your template}/Panels/ and find code similar to this:

if($articleRow["Type"] == 1)
    $output .= sprintf("
    <a href="%s" target="_blank"><img src="%s/icon_VisitSite.gif" align="absmiddle" border="0"/></a>
    ", $target, AL_HELPER::ArticleLink($articleRow["ArticleID"], $articleRow["Title"]), AL_TPL_IMAGE_PATH, $GLOBALS["AL_LANG"]["hpFullStory"]);
else if($articleRow["Type"] == 3)
    $output .= sprintf("

    <a href="%s" target="_blank"><img src="%s/icon_VisitSite.gif" align="absmiddle" border="0"/>%s</a>
    ", AL_HELPER::ArticleLink($articleRow["ArticleID"], $articleRow["Title"]), AL_TPL_IMAGE_PATH, $GLOBALS["AL_LANG"]["hpVisitSite"]);

if($GLOBALS["AL_CFG"]["EnablePrintArticle"] == 1)
    $output .= sprintf("

        <a target="_blank" href="%s/print/%d"><br/><img src="%s/icon_Print.gif" align="absmiddle" border="0"/>%s</a>

    ", AL_HELPER::ArticleLink($articleRow["ArticleID"], $articleRow["Title"]), $articleRow["ArticleID"], AL_TPL_IMAGE_PATH, $GLOBALS["AL_LANG"]["hpPrinterVersion"]);


You can just delete that to get rid of them and they shouldn't show up on the home page.

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