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I upgraded from version 4 to 5 of Shopping Cart and now I have missing features, get error messages and can't checkout


Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 contains changes to the template system to help you keep your templates up to date and allow for easier customization. When upgrading a situation can occur where your template is out of date although the software will indicate that you have the latest version installed. You may receive errors when using the store such as:
  • 'Please enter a valid email address' popup when creating an account
  • The state field drop down is empty when entering an address
  • 'Undefined' popup when checking out
  • Customer can't place an order or check out
  • Other missing features (Product tabs, terms and conditions of purchase, event dates, custom form fields)

All files that were once common and duplicated for each template are now stored in the __master directory. When customizing your template or store design, you should copy the template file you need to customize from the __master/ directory to your custom template. This custom design should contain only customized files. All original files will be loaded from the __master directory if a custom version does not exist.

If you have upgraded over the top of an existing installation and did not delete your template then although the software indicates you have the latest version, you will actually still be using all the template files from version 4. This is because since the current versions of template files are now in the __master directory they are not being loaded due to there being identically named files in your template folder still.


If you are using the default template follow these steps:
  1. Delete the directory /templates/default
  2. Upload the 'default' directory from the extracted
If you are using any standard non-customized Interspire template, first perform the above steps then proceed with these steps:
  1. Go to the 'Store Design' area of the control panel
  2. Click the 'Check for new version' button
  3. When notified of new version being available, click the 'Download new version' button to update to the current version
If you are using a custom or modified template:
  1. Backup your existing template
  2. Download and install the base template that you based your design off
  3. For each file that you originally modified, copy files from the __master directory into the new template directory
  4. Reapply your modifications to these copied files

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