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Getting a '404 page not found' on an IIS Windows server

All data in the application is stored in the database and accessed using rewrite rules on the URLs. This means that a url such as is sent to the index.php file of the application which returns HTML content. The website visitor never knows that the HTML file does not exist, neither do search engines that visit your website. This is a search engine friendly website structure and is a commonly used practice.

As you're running on a Windows IIS, you'll need to contact your web host to install and help you configure ISAPI Rewrite 3. This requirement is listed on our requirements page:

The 'Rewrite Rules' that are needed for ISAPI Rewrite are located in the .htaccess file located inside the .zip file you downloaded from your client area. Your web host or server administrator should be able to help you in ensuring these rewrite rules work.

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