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How do I change the date format?

In order to change the date format, you need to edit the admin/com/langauge/default/language.php file. There are a number of tokens around line 42 that prescribe the date and time formats used in various parts of the application. For example:

define('LNG_DateFormat', 'd M Y');
define('LNG_Quickstats_DateFormat', 'd-M-Y');
define('LNG_TimeFormat', 'F j Y, g:i a');
define('LNG_UserDateFormat', 'g:i a, d M Y');
define('LNG_Stats_TimeFormat', 'g:i a');

The "d M Y" token corresponds to a date format like 01 April 2009. If you wanted a date format using just numbers with the year first, you could use "Y-m-d" (note the difference in case for the 'm'). This would produce dates like 2009-04-01.

You can learn more about creating your own date and time formats here.

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