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Internal Server Error or 500 Error


You see an error page with the heading "Internal Server Error".


This error can be caused by a range of problems not limited to the application. It could be a problem with your server setup. However, there are some common problems that cause this error that you can test for:

1. File permissions. Some servers will not let PHP files run if they are writeable by the public or group users. Ensure that the PHP files in your base direct and in your admin directory have a permission mode of 0644. To do this in your FTP program, change the file permissions (or CHMOD) to 0644. Most FTP programs will let you insert this number.
Click here for instructions on what to CHMOD your files to.

2. .htaccess file issues. .htaccess files are used to control the website's URLs. There are other commands in there that may also cause an Internal Server Error if your web host has disabled the ability to use those commands. If this is the case, you'll need to ask your web host to review the .htaccess file to determine which commands they do not allow inside the .htaccess file. 

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