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How can I move Interspire Website Publisher from one folder/path to another?

If you want to move your site from a sub-folder (e.g. to the base directory (e.g. use the following instructions

  1. Login to your website via FTP (contact your host for FTP details if you don't have them)
  2. Locate the folder Interspire Website Publisher is contained in and navigate to it. For each FTP program there may be a different method to move the files. Usually you can select all the files and right click them and select 'Move'. You can change the path to where you'd like the files to be move to. Alternative, some programs will let you select all files and drag them to a folder that is 2 periods/dots like "..". This is a special folder that acts more like a link that takes you back to the parent folder. Contact support if you require assistance with this step.
  3. You will now need to modify your configuration files to reflect the path change. Open up /configs/config.php and find:

    $config['siteURL'] = '';
    $config['appPath'] = '/sub-folder/';

    Change these values on the right to reflect the directory change. If you simply moved your files to the root of your website, you'd end up with this:

    $config['siteURL'] = '';
    $config['appPath'] = '/';

  4. You will now need to login to your control panel, navigate to your 'Misc Settings' page and click the 'Clear Cache' button to ensure all links are up to date.
  5. All done! You should be able to successfully view your website.

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