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What is a split test? How do I use split tests with my emails?

Split tests can be used to compare different versions of the same email campaign based on open statistics or links clicked statistics. So, if one version has been opened more then any other; it will be declared the winner. Your winning email can then be sent out automatically or at a scheduled time of your choosing. Following is a simple step-by-step guide for judging and delivering the most popular version of your email campaigns.

1.) From your Interspire Email Marketer account, navigate to Email Campaigns > View Split Tests > Create a Split Test

2.) Enter a name for your split test

3.) Select which email campaigns will be compared against each other

4.) Choose which method of testing to use
Note: Move your mouse over the help icon for more information

If you use the "Find a winning email and show me the results" method, the winning email campaign can be scheduled by you whenever you want. Alternatively, after testing a percentage of the list, you can have the winning email sent out after a delay.

5.) Click Save & Exit or Save & Send

Whenever you decide to send the test you will be able to choose which contact list it will be delivered to.

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