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Most links on my site result in a 'Page Not Found' error

Your home page displays properly, but clicking through to other links produces the following message:

Page Not Found
The page you've requested no longer exists or could not be found. Please try some of the suggestions below

If this page is being displayed in the same design as your website (that is, the header, colours, etc. are all correct), then we have listed the most likely causes below:
  • Incorrect Application Path Setting
    If your website is running in a sub-directory, such as, your application path must be set to "/websitepublisher/" with both starting and ending slashes (but without the quotes). The Application Path setting may be found in your control panel under Settings > Website Settings > Application Path. Correct this, and then try viewing pages on your website again.
  • The URL rewrite rules in .htaccess need to be modified
    More information about this here.

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