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How do I move my whole Website Publisher installation to another hosting company?

This is a general overview of the steps that would be required to move your Website Publisher installation from one hosting company to another. It does not cover domain management issues however, as this is beyond the scope of our technical support.

1. Download all files from your current Website Publisher 5 installation to your computer using your preferred FTP program (we recommend FileZilla).

2. Obtain a backup of your Website Publisher 5 database. You will need a database management tool - such as phpMyAdmin - installed on your web server for this. Hosting companies typically provide these tools along with hosting accounts. If this is not the case, you may have to install one yourself. Currently Website Publisher does not include a built-in database backup tool.

3. Upload your files to your new hosting account.

4. Import your database backup using a database management tool at your new hosting account. As above, hosting companies usually provide these, if yours has not, you may need to install one, such as phpMyAdmin.

5. On your new Website Publisher 5 installation, modify the /configs/config.php file to update the website URL and database connection details, e.g.:

$config['siteURL'] = '';
$config['appPath'] = '/subdirectory/';
$config['dbUser'] = 'username';
$config['dbPass'] = 'password';
$config['dbDatabase'] = 'database_name';
$config['dbServer'] = 'database_server';

6. Verify that your new Website Publisher installation is working by visiting your new website's new front-end URL

7. Once you are satisfied that your new installation is working correctly, you may decommission your old website. If your URL has changed, you may now request a new license key from us for your new URL so that you may continue to use the control panel.

Interspire also provides a migration service which can be purchased here:

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