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How do I change the order of the top navigation?

The top navigation is powered by a List, which List this is will depend on which List is present in the Header section of your Website Layout (editable via the control panel Design -> Website Layout). By default, for all new installations of Website Publisher, the list placed in this position is the "All Web Pages" list (assuming that, during the install process, you opted to create the "Web Pages" content type).

You may change the sort order of the List (via your control panel's "Menus & Lists" section) by editing it and choosing a different sorting method from the available list.

If you wish to specify an exact sort order, you may need to add the 'Display Order' field to the Content Types being shown in this List. For example, if your List displays a list of Web Pages, you would edit the Web Page content type and add the Display Order field to it, then select the Display Order as the sorting method for the List.

You may then edit the Web Pages and give them each specific Display Order values.

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