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How can I show the summary in the left and right columns?

The default style for a list in the left and right columns is to not display the summary. Currently only the 'Company' template supports displaying the summary by option.  For other templates, you will need to create a new list block in your styleguide.html file. More information on the template system can be found here.

If you're using the Company template or have created a new list block in your template, then to get this style applied to your list, you'll need to:

1. Go to 'Menus & Lists' in your control panel
2. Click 'Edit' for the list you wish to display the summary
3. On the edit page, click to the 'Advanced Options' tab
4. Select 'Select Template Block Style' for the 'Select Template Block Style' option
5. A drop down menu will appear, select the 'with Summary (Designed for the left section)' option (or the block style name you gave to your block, which will be slightly reworded if you gave it a position).
6. Save your list.

You list should now display the summary for your content items in the left and right sections.

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