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How do I set the page title of a content item to be different from the content's title?

To do this, you must disable a content item's "Auto-Generate Meta Content" feature when either creating or editing a content item. By default, this is under the "Advanced Options" of certain content types like Articles. Once this option is disabled you will see several new fields for setting keywords, description and title - set the page title you desire here.

However, if you do not see the option above when creating or editing a content item, you will need to add the "Meta Content" field to the content type you are editing. To do this, go to the Content Types section in your control panel and edit the desired content type (such as Web Pages). Find the "Meta Content" field on the left of the edit page and click-and-drag it to the right portion of the page, and drop it in place, then save your changes to the content type. You should now return to the content item you are trying to edit and, once there, should see the "Auto-Generate Meta Content" (its exact location will depend on where you placed it when editing the Content Type).

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