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When installing the software, I receive the following error: The database details you entered are incorrect: Duplicate entry '2' for key 1

The error "The database details you entered are incorrect: Duplicate entry '2' for key 1" indicates that the Installation Wizard has already run on this database. Try opening the URL you're installing the software to again - a successfully installed version of the shopping cart should appear. 

If the installation wizard appears again, stop and do not continue. Before attempting to run the installation wizard again, you will need to clear the contents of the database you are using. The simplest way to do this is to delete the database and then create it again using your host's control panel. However, please note that deleting your database is permanent and will erase all data related to your shopping cart - do not delete your database if you've already added products, set settings, etc. to your site.

Once you delete and recreate the database, run the installation wizard again and this error should no longer appear. If this error continues to appear, or if the installation wizard continues to appear after you've re-run it, please open a support ticket with us so we may investigate further.

If you see the installation wizard (and not the upgrade/update wizard) on an existing site, please stop and do not continue - open a support ticket with us. Attempting to run the installation wizard on an existing site will most likely result in substantial problems with your database and your shopping cart.

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