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How do I view the customer's CVV, CVN, CSC, CV2 or credit card verification code?

The Interspire Shopping Cart does not store the customer's card security code, the 3 digit number on the back of the card. This is also known as a Card Security Code (CSC), sometimes called Card Verification Data (CVD), Card Verification Value (CVV or CV2), Card Verification Value Code (CVVC), Card Verification Code (CVC), Verification Code (V-Code or V Code), or Card Code Verification (CCV). PCI security requirements and the terms of most, if not all, merchant processing agreements expressly forbid the storage of this number. As it is not stored, it cannot be viewed in any portion of the cart.

Your credit card processor should not required you to store this number and enter it manually in any part of the payment process. If your card processor is still requiring you to enter this number, you should contact them immediately and ask for an alternative, as this is most likely in violation of PCI DSS and other security requirements Mastercard and Visa have enacted.

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