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How to send a confirmation email to unconfirmed contacts you have imported

If you are wanting to make sure that people who sign up for a newsletter through your website get a confirmation email - Email Marketer does this without any complicated setup necessary - just read this article for more information.

This article explains how to send a confirmation email to unconfirmed contacts in a contact list. Here is an example of when you might want to do this:

Perhaps you are importing your list from another software where you have not been sending emails regularly, so you want to "clean" your list by making sure everyone on your list still wants to receive emails.

Here are the steps to take (there is also a video at the bottom of this article going through these steps):

Make sure all the contacts that you want to get the confirmation link are set as "

Go to Autoresponders -> Create an Autoresponder
Name it "Confirm subscription of unconfirmed contacts"
Pick "Only contacts who match my search criteria (below)"
Set "Match Confirmed Status" to Unconfirmed
Hit Next

Check the checkbox for "Send to Existing Contacts?" - this way, the next time the autoresponder runs, all unconfirmed contacts in the contact list will get the confirmation link.

Hit Next

Create your "Confirm your subscription" email.

Select the text you want to make into your "confirm your subscription" link and click the insert link icon.
Set the Link URL to: %%confirmlink%%

If you want a modify detail link, create a "Modify Details" form with Forms -> Create a Website Form first, then create a link in this email using the "Modify" Built-In Link after clicking the insert link icon. This is handy if you want to give your subscriber the option to pick from several lists they want to be subscribed to or update/add custom field details.

Click Save & Exit. Make sure your autoresponder is active (there should be a green checkmark next to it - if there is a red X, there will probably be a note about why it was set inactive that you may need to take action on). The next time your autoresponder is set to send (see Settings -> Cron Settings), it will send to any contacts that have been added to the contact list since the autoresponder was last sent who are set as unconfirmed. If you picked the "Send to Existing Contacts?" option, it will go out to all contacts in your list that are set as unconfirmed.

If you import more contacts via CSV as unconfirmed, these contacts will get the autoresponder, as well.

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