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My bounce inbox seems to have more messages, but bounce processing does not process or remove these messages. Why not?

The application takes a number of steps when verifying whether or not an email is a bounce email. Firstly, it analyzes the subject of the message for known bounce email subjects such as “Deliverability Failure” or “Bounce Notification”. It must match one of these subjects before the application proceeds to process the email further. Many times these bounce messages can fail if the subject is a reply to the original message, which is the way some receiving mail servers have configured their bounce messages to do.  

For example, a bounce from the email campaign with subject “X-Mas Specials!!!” could return as “Re: X-Mas Specials!!!”, and the application would not properly categorize it as a bounce. To fix that, just follow these steps:

1.) First you should enable bounce debugging so you can see which emails are getting ignored. To do that open /admin/functions/api/bounce.php and change line 40 to "true", so that it looks like:

var $Debug = true;

2.) With debugging enabled go to Contacts Lists -> Processed Bounced Emails, select your list and click "next", select "process bounces manually" and click "test connection and continue". Click "Find bounces" on the next page.

3.) As it goes through the bounces it will generate a log in the /admin/temp/ directory in your installation called "bounce.debug.log". Once it goes through the all the emails in the bounce inbox once, you can go back to the 'Processed Bounced Emails' page. Open the debug log and look for emails that were ignored.

As an example, one entry in the log might look like "Line 1013; Subject 'test' does not match pattern". To fix that you will need to open your bounce rules
(located at /admin/resources/bounce_rules.php) and then add 'test' to the array of subjects.

Another example is if the subject was recognized but the email body was not, such as this entry:

Line 774; processing body:
In connection with my maternity leave until mid-May I mail my check and respond less frequently. It could be a while before you answer.

Line 819; Looking for RFC 3464 & RFC 3463 pattern

Line 879; RFC pattern not found, continuing with rules

To fix that you will need to open your bounce rules file (located at /admin/resources/bounce_rules.php) and add a string from the body to a rule, like:

$GLOBALS['BOUNCE_RULES']['delete']['delete'][] = '
maternity leave';

I chose "delete" because it seems like the subscriber will still be receiving the email, so the bounce message can be deleted/ignored.

If you are unable to resolve this issue with the above steps, please open a ticket from your client area and we can help you further.

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