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How do I completely Private Label Interspire Website Publisher?

This applies to ArticleLive prior to NX2. For NX2, there is a whitelabel.php file in the /admin/includes/ folder.

Its a simple process to private label your copy of Interspire Website Publisher. This guide will take you through the steps.

For the header you have 2 options.

1. Upload your own image to /admin/images/logo.gif

2. Open /admin/templates/pageheader.tpl and find:

<IMG realrealrealsrc="images/logo.gif" src="" src="" src="" border="0" height="59" width="180">

and replace it with your own image code. (You may need to do both if you logo is a different size)

Now for the admin footer, open /admin/templates/pagefooter.tpl. Find and replace or delete:

<a href="" target="_new" class="FooterLink"><b>%%LNG_InterspireAL%%</b></a> %%LNG_Copyright%%
<a href="" target="_new" class="FooterLink">%%LNG_Interspire%%</a>       <br>

Now for the front end you need to open /templates/{all templates}/Panels/PageFooter.html. Then find and replace or delete these lines:

            . All rights reserved.<BR>
            Powered by <A href="" target="_blank" class="PoweredBy">Interspire Website Publisher Content Management Software</A><BR>

Lastly you just need to open up /includes/language/front_language.ini and find and replace:

EmailFromName = "Interspire Website Publisher Auto-Notify"

Then in /includes/language/back_language.ini there will be numerous occurances of Interspire Website Publisher and Interspire which you just need to change. (Use notepad and do a search for them, replacing as you go).

That should be it! If you have any trouble or get stuck, send in a trouble ticket from your control panel.

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