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How do I move the top navigational menu to the left column?

This quick guide will run you through the steps to move the top menu in Interspire Website Publisher. All our files we will be working witha are in the same directory, so open up the directory: /template/{your template}/Panels/

1. To remove it from the top: Then find and open PageHeader.html. Locate the %%GLOBAL_SitePages%% placeholder and delete it.

2. Adding to the side (for this example I'm using the left side). Open DefaultLeftColumnPanel.html and put %%GLOBAL_SitePages%% Where you want. Probably at the very top as the first thing in the file.

3. Altering the layout. Because the links are generated in a line, we are going to need to change the format. Open PageHeader.php then find the function GetSitePages(). In there will be this line:

$output .= sprintf("<A href=\"%s\"%s>%s</A>%s", AL_HELPER::PageLink($pageRow["PageID"], $pageRow["Title"]), $target, $text,$del);

This is PHP's sprintf function. A quick rundown of it. The first element (which in this case is "<A href=\"%s\"%s>%s</A>%s" ) is the string of text you want to have static. Then the %s are where a new item will be placed for each loop. The %s (and %d for integers) are replaced in order of the elements following the first.

Firstly replace $del with 2 single quotes, '' so there won't be a delimiter anymore (because its not on one line).

Secondly we are going to change how it looks. We are going to make it look the same as how the categories look. To do this, change the above code to this:

$output .= sprintf("<div class=\"ListItem\"><A href=\"%s\"%s>%s</A>%s</div>", AL_HELPER::PageLink($pageRow["PageID"], $pageRow["Title"]), $target, $text,'');

You may also want to indent it, so in the same file, just a few lines below the one we've been working with is:

return $output;

Just above it, put:

$output = '<TABLE class="Panel RootArticleCategoriesPanel" id="Table1"><tr><td class="Heading">Menu Name</td></tr></table><div style="padding:10px 0px 10px 0px;" class="Panel RootArticleCategoriesPanel" >'.$output.'</div>';

Note: This guide assumes you have Drop Down Navigation off in your control panel's setting page.

That should be it! If you get stuck at all, send in a trouble ticket via your client area.

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