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How do I check the status of a support ticket i've submitted?

The best way to view the status of an inquiry you have submitted is by finding the confirmation email that was automatically sent to you at the time you submitted it.  If you can't find this email, following the steps below will yield the same results.

1.  Open the URL below in your favourite web browser.  It's likely that you will not know your "Ticket Key" and that you will need to submit your email address in the "Forgot Key?" section to retrieve it.

2.  Check your email to get your "Ticket Key".

3.  Switch back to your web browser and enter your email address and ticket key and click the "Submit" button.  This will display the "Ticket Status" of the most recent inquiry you submitted.

In the event you would like to see a full list of all inquiries you have submitted, you can click the "Ticket List" link in the breadcrumb navigation located directly below the Interspire logo.

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