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How can I stop every link opening in a new window?

This applies to versions of Interspire Website Publisher NX below 1.7

There is a section of code that adds the new window code into every link submitted from the backend. Open up /admin/includes/classes/class.helper.php and find this code:

function FixContentLinks($Data)
    // Make sure links all open in a new window. Only do this if
    // DevEdit isn't installed
        $pattern = "<a([^</a>])";
        $replace = "<a target='_blank'\\1";
        return eregi_replace($pattern, $replace, $Data);
        return $Data;

Then just change it to:

function FixContentLinks($Data)
        return $Data;

That will prevent any further target="_blank" attributes from being added. But you may still have to alter the ones you have already.

If you have any problems with this guide, send in a support ticket via your client area.

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