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My Autoresponders and scheduled emails aren't being sent.

The most common reason for your autoresponders and scheduled newsletters not to be sent out even though you've created them is because you haven't got Cron installed.

Cron is a Linux feature where a program or script can be run at regular intervals (for example at 5 minutes past the hour every hour, or once at 4am). This allows us to setup scheduled sending and also autoresponders. If you are familiar with "Scheduled Tasks" in the Windows environment, then cron provides the exact same functionality in Linux.

To setup Cron you will need SSH access or Control panel access (Such as Plesk or Cpanel).

For detailed information regarding how to setup your Cron and Scheduled tasks for Interspire Email Marketer, please see the appendix of the installation walkthrough section in the Interspire Email Marketer documentation here:

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