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How can I get Interspire Knowledge Manager url rewriting to work and is it even required to run Interspire Knowledge Manager ?

From Interspire Knowledge Manager NX2 url rewriting is optional, however for older versions of Interspire Knowledge Manager, url rewriting is required to get Interspire Knowledge Manager working properly.

If you are running Interspire Knowledge Manager on IIS then you need to be running Interspire Knowledge Manager 2005 1.3.7 or higher to get url rewriting working. Also you need to have ISAPI_Rewrite installed.

If you install Interspire Knowledge Manager in the /activekb directory on your site then Interspire Knowledge Manager should work without modifying the httpd.ini file, however if you change the name to /faqs or /kb then you will have to modify the httpd.ini file in the Interspire Knowledge Manager directory to reflect this change. Note: Please be aware however that you should avoid installing it in a directory named questions, categories or search to avoid conflicting with the url rewriting.

If you are running the lite version of ISAPI_Rewrite then you will need to copy the 3 Rewrite lines from the httpd.ini file included with Interspire Knowledge Manager into your servers httpd.ini file and probably restart IIS to get it working.

If you are running the full version of ISAPI_Rewrite you will need to copy the httpd.ini file into the physical root directories of virtual site.

There are a couple of ways to get Interspire Knowledge Manager working with Apache. Interspire Knowledge Manager. The easiest is if your web host supports .htaccess files. To check if your web server does, see the answer in the related questions.

In your Interspire Knowledge Manager directory on the server there should be a file named ".htaccess". Sometimes this file doesn't get uploaded because it is considered a hidden file on UNIX and Mac OS X systems.

Attached to this answer is a file named "htaccess.akb" which is a copy of this file. Simply upload it to your Interspire Knowledge Manager directory on the server and rename it to .htaccess.

If that one doesn't work, there is another file attached to this question named "htaccess.akb.multiviews" which tries to do the url rewriting in a different way. To use this one upload it to your activekb directory on the server and rename it to .htaccess.

On some servers you need to use the standard .htaccess file "htaccess.akb" but you need to add the line after RewriteEngine On so it will become

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /activekb/

This assumes your copy of Interspire Knowledge Manager is installed in the /activekb directory on your website. If you have renamed it to /faqs or /kb you will need to adjust the RewriteBase line to suit your change.

Some servers may run PHP in CGI mode. If none of the other techniques work for you, try the htaccess.cgi file (rename it to .htaccess and upload it). As with the other files if you have installed Interspire Knowledge Manager in a directory other than one named activekb you will have to update the relevant parts of the file before uploading.

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