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How can I alter the CSS/style elements in my Interspire Website Publisher template?

Interspire Website Publisher templates are located in the /templates folder. Each unique template is then contained within their own sub-folder.

The colors and a number of layout elements are all contained within Cascading Style Sheets. These are located in the /templates/{your template}/Styles folder.

Inside this folder you will find a number of style sheet files. These can be grouped into 3 main "sets".

color.css - In a standard template, there are 6 color files, such as blue.css, pink.css etc. These control the color elements of your template. Only 1 is ever used at a time, which one you use can be selected on your Control Panel Settings page underneath the "Template Settings" section.

fixed.css or stretched.css - These are very minimal files which only contain the width for the body of your template. The use of one or the other can be changed using the settings page as before.

styles.css - This is a singular file that is always included. It contains all non-color properties such as widths, padding, fonts, etc.

So to edit your site, determine what you wish to achieve. If you want to change a color on your site, look into the blue.css file (or other color). If you wish to change a different style property, edit the styles.css file.

Helpful developer tools are available to assist you in determining which CSS files of an existing template you would need to edit.

  • The Firebug extension for Mozilla Firefox has an excellent HTML "inspect" tool, which will show you CSS properties and which files they were defined in (including line numbers)
  • The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar has a similar HTML CSS inspect tool.

Please note that although Interspire recommends these tools, we cannot offer technical support for them. Each tool is developed by a third party and should have their own support channels available for your use.

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