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My home page link isn't working correctly.

The "Home" page is just a normal page within Interspire Website Publisher. However it is usually this page that uses a special placeholder that designates it to be the "Front Page". So if you click on the link, it may say /pages/Home.html but you should be redirected back to the front page should the page have the placeholder. The placeholder is:


If your "Home"  is not directing you to the front page, then log into your control panel, go to "Manage Pages", click edit on "Home" and check the above placeholder is present. If it isn't, add it in and the link should work. Also ensure there are 2 percentage signs on either side.

There is also a second use for the above placeholder. It specifies where the recent news, recent blogs and featured & recent article lists will show up in relation to your content within the page. So you can infact add text around the placeholder and that text will show up on your front page.

My website introduction!
Some footer text.

If you have any troubles with this, send in a support ticket via your client area.

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