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Common issues when configuring Apache for Interspire Knowledge Manager

To enable .htaccess file support in Apache

You can try adding the section to your apache config file.

<Directory /path/to/kb>
AllowOverride All

Obviously changing the path to your Interspire Knowledge Manager. This will enable .htaccess files to be used on the server.

To check if .htaccess files are indeed being read, try creating an .htaccess file with some garbage in it like

and web browsing to the directory you installed it in. You should get a 500 Internal Server Error which is what we want because it means that Apache read the file and tried to use the option "dsjksdjjsdjdsjdjsdsdsd" but obviously it couldn't since it doesn't exist.

After making these changes you will have to restart Apache.

Checking mod_rewrite is installed

The other thing to check is that mod_rewrite is loaded. You config file should have something like

LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
in it (obviously adjust the path to as necessary).

After making this change you will have to restart Apache.

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