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When trying to process bounces I get the error Invalid Remote Specification (SendStudio 2004)

This applies to SendStudio 2004

When trying to process bounces I get an error that looks like

Unable to connect to email server: Can't open mailbox {}INBOX: invalid remote specification

If you are using ModWest hosting then you may be able to fix this issue by editing the iem/admin/functions/general.php file (after backing it up first) and searching for notls which should take you to a line that looks like

$inbox = @imap_open('{' . addslashes($hostname) . ':' . addslashes($emailport).'/pop3/notls}INBOX', $username, $password);

which you just need to remove the /notls from so it would become

$inbox = @imap_open('{' . addslashes($hostname) . ':' . addslashes($emailport).'/pop3}INBOX', $username, $password);

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