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What settings can I make to my mail server configuration to make Interspire Email Marketer faster ?

This page is simply for listing changes that may improve your performance. You will need to test any changes to make sure that they do in fact improve performance for your specific configuration and do not cause issues such as overloading your server.

If you have any other recommendations on mail server tweaks to improve performance please let us know by leaving a comment to this question so we can add it to the answer.


Add this to exim.conf:


and changing /etc/sysconfig/exim to


(was 60m)

These changes are made near the top of your exim.conf file.

I also found this:

"On a PII 400 with 128M of RAM running Linux 2.2.5, I have achieved
36656 messages per hour (outgoing unique messages and recipients). For
about a 5 minute period, I was able to achieve an average of 30 messages
per second (that would be 108000 m/hour)! We are using: (options that
make a difference):

queue_run_max = 1
remote_max_parallel = 1

We have a cron job hat runs every five minutes that spawns 5 exim -q if
there are less that 120 exim processes currently running. We found that
by manually controlling the concurrency of exim -q processes contending
for the spool for remote_smtp delivery that we gained considerable
performance - 10000 m/hour."

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