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Can Interspire Website Publisher be easily translated into various languages?

Yes, Interspire Website Publisher contains a folder called language/en-US  which contains all of the language files used inside the application.

The frontend.ini file contains all the preset text for the public area of the website, while the various admin.xxxxxxxx.ini files contain all the text for the control panel.

These files can be edited in any text editor. Here is an example. Just say you wanted to change "All Categories" to "Browse by Subject". You need to edit the public area file, so open up front_language.ini and search for "All Categories". You will find a line like:

AllCategories = "All Categories"

In order to change it, you only need to edit the text within the quotes. So we might change it to: (Note: we leave the text before the = intact)

AllCategories = "Browse by Subject"

If you need to put a quotation mark inside the text, you can not use a normal ", but instead can use the html entity equivalant: "

Once you have finished making changes, save the file and re-upload to your site.

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